Is a refurbished computer right for you?


Before buying a refurbished PC or laptop there are a few things to think about. For most people, a “like-new” professionally refurbished PC or laptop will satisfy their computing needs. However, there are a number of things to consider prior to your purchase.

What is your next computer for?

Most people’s answers would include a mixture of the following: office work, general internet browsing, homework and watching TV and films – all tasks that can be done on a standard PC or laptop.

Before you start shopping for a new or refurbished PC or laptop it’s a good idea to have a spec list and, of course, a budget in mind. You should also have an idea of what requirements are essential and what are optional. Think about whether you really need a feature before you commit to it.

When it comes to buying computers, be it new or refurbished, well-known brands more often than not translate to better quality. Some of the best names to look out for include HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell.

As with buying a well-known brand, buying from a trusted retailer will give you greater peace of mind. If you’ve decided to go down the refurbished route and you’re purchasing online, be sure to check whether the company behind the website offers a warranty. It would also be wise to ensure your retailer has excellent customer reviews and feedback.

Just what is a refurbished PC?

The terms ‘refurbished’ ‘remanufactured’ and ‘reconditioned’ mean the same thing in terms of buying a pre-owned device. As a result some PCs and laptops are more ‘refurbished’ than others. The majority of our refurbished units are off-lease corporate computers. (Off lease computers are any desktop or laptop computers that were purchased on lease and then returned by the buyer at the end of the lease period). They will typically be inspected and will generally have some upgrades made to them, for example a new hard drive, maybe new RAM and of course a new operating system installed. They will then be offered for sale at extremely attractive prices – much cheaper than you would expect to pay for newer units of similar specifications. Buying a refurbished computer can be a great way to get your hands on a computer that still has years of service to offer but without spending a lot of money

Typically, a refurbished or reconditioned computer will be just 2-3 years old. Any necessary repairs will have been made, but as you would expect of a remanufactured computer there may be minor signs of use such as scratches and light wear.

All of our refurbished PCs and laptops are thoroughly wiped and physically cleaned. In addition to this all computers are installed with a genuine copy of Windows 7 operating system. Lastly, each unit is sold with a 12-month RTB warranty with the option to extend cover.


Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and let’s see if we can find you a refurbished computer at a great price that suits your needs


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