Business Services


1st Choice Computer Services offer a selection of business services alongside our computer repair maintenance, serving Ipswich and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of responsive workforce productivity, and you need IT equipment which is reliable and up-to-date. Upgrading your equipment every two to three years guarantees that your computers and devices will perform to the level of your business expectations, saving you outlay, costs on repair, security and maintenance.

A technology rotation schedule is vital to consider, as not only does it maximise the life of the equipment you use, but it can also reduces costs, ensuring regular upgrades; and therefore is perfect for managing your cash flow.

A subscription lets you pay for technology at a set price – low payment format, which means that after two or three years, you can either opt for returning or upgrading your devices.

There are many benefits to this service; it allows you to keep ahead of your game with all the latest technology; you can add to your equipment during the length of your agreement, and you are protected against equipment obsolescence – something which wouldn’t be covered by an outright payment on the same equipment – thereby ensuring that your business would never use obsolete technology.

You get all the modern benefits of up-to-date technology, without a large capital outlay, allowing you to invest in – and promote – other areas of your business.

These structured repayments and agreements – between two and three years include hardware, software, and installation. This subscription is fixed for the full period, which enables budgeting without inflation.

1st Choice Computers understands the notion that technology and business are constantly changing, and so finances and budgets need to able to stretch further.

Our business services provide a flexible approach when it comes to keeping your company at the forefront of technology, so you can develop and upgrade your existing resources with a consistently satisfactory – and affordable – option.